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Sexual Wellness

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Sexual Wellness

The wellnes of sex

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Sexual Dysfunction.
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Erectile Dysfunction.

Stem cells for sexual disorders are steadily being introduced into clinical trials. Two conditions of importance are the main target for this line of treatment, especially when regarding the wide array of translational and basic science highlighting the potential advantages of regenerative therapy: Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and more recently Peyronie disease (PD). Cellular therapy offers a treatment modality that might reverse disease progression. It would be used in a curative setting, in contrast to other pharmaceutical agents that are currently available..

Stem cells are attractive candidates for the development of novel therapies, targeting indications that involve functional restoration of defective tissue.

Erectile dysfunction

Is a prevalent condition that leads to significant morbidity and distress, not just for affected men but also for their partners. Very few currently available treatments ameliorate the underlying causes of the disorder and 'cure' the disease state. Much recent effort has been focused on the development of gene and cell-based approaches to rectify the molecular and tissue defects responsible for ED.

Gene therapy has been investigated in animal models as a means to restore normal function to the penis; at this time, however, only one human trial has been published in the peer-reviewed literature. Recent gene therapy studies have focused on the modulation of enzymes associated with the NOS/cGMP pathway, and supplementation of trophic factors, peptides and potassium channels. .

Another important consideration to be made with incorporation of stem cells into cosmetic procedures is the effect of age on the cells themselves. Stem cells are not immune to the process of aging, and their function is tightly regulated by their surrounding environment known as the stem cell niche. The hematopoietic system provides the best evidence for the role local environment plays in guiding maintenance and differentiation of stem cell populations and the effects of aging on this balance.

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